DEMAN offers sustainable solutions, for many industrial sectors that process surfaces.
This includes thermal galvanization, chemical treatments (such as staining and phosphating), sandblasting, dry or wet painting, or the production of paints. Overhead cranes and hoists are an indispensable production tool in all of these processes.

Surface treatment
Surface treatment



Because of the very aggressive or hazardous atmospheric conditions, standard versions will mostly be insufficient. DEMAN has had decades of experience for all of these applications.
ATEX explosion-proof cranes are produced by DEMAN in that classification, which is required by the characteristics of the surroundings and in conformity with the European ATEX guidelines.
Atmospheric conditions that deviate strongly are unavoidable, during thermal galvanization and chemical treatment processes. DEMAN has the experience in adapting hoists and cranes for such circumstances, optimizing the operating life and the reliability of the equipment.