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Light crane systems

Light crane systems

GISKB Stahl GIS is the only Swiss manufacturer of chain hoists and light crane systems. Due to its modular design, GISKB “light crane systems” can be easily adapted to the individual requirements of the workplace. The standard system is based on a cold rolled “Omega” section, which can be used for goods handling and is available both in a linear (2 dimensions = overhead runway) version and in an area-covering version (3 dimensions = mobile crane). The broad product range is available with 4 section types (GISKB I – GISKB II – GISKB III and GISKB IV) and is provided with large number of unique possibilities.     Linear overhead runway A GISKB steel runway, with a lifting capacity of up to 1,600 kg, is also available with curves. The many possibilities include among others: Curves Flexible runways Sliding track switches Connections between tracks Turntable 90° change in direction   Single-girder crane system The single-girder crane system in GISKB steel is also available with a lifting capacity of up to a maximum of 1,600 kg. Trolley and crane travel can be achieved manually, or as stepless electrical movements. The steel sections are normally delivered in a light-gray colour, but at the request of the customer they can be painted by in a RAL colour of his choice. Galvanized steel sections are also available on request. The unique thing about the GISKB steel girders is the possibility of reaching locations outside of the standard working surface, by using a telescopic girder. This is very handy for reaching working zones that might otherwise be unreachable, for instance due to interfering columns.   Double-girder crane systems By using two girder sections, the lifting capacity can be increased to 2,000 kg. Greater spanning widths also become possible. By increasing the strength of the sections, the spanning width can be increased even further. This can also be achieved by using multiple runway gantries. Because the hoist can be mounted between two girder sections, the form of the construction will become more compact and provide a higher and more useful lifting height. Trolley and crane travel can be achieved manually, or as stepless electrical movements.   GISKB aluminium profiles The ergonomics of a manually operated crane system is increased strongly, due to substantial weight savings and very low resistance of the trolley wheels. The GISKB aluminium series combines these advantages, both in the single-girder and the double-girder variants. And of course, without losing sight of flexibility and the compact construction form. The lifting capacity is, however, limited to 630 kg, and movements over a horizontal surface are always manual operations. Positioning can be carried out more quickly and precisely. This helps to shorten throughput times, which has a positive effect on production costs. SWF ProfilMaster PLUS ST (steel) ProfilMaster PLUS ST crane systems, for loads of up to 2,000 kg Flexible set-up possibilities, due to a broad range of profiles, connections, curves, turntables etc. Among the possibilities you will find large spanning widths. The advantages include short assembly times, due to a good initial design, pre-mounted and pre-wired components, including optimal suspension possibilities and connections. SWF ProfileMaster PLUS AL (aluminium) ProfileMaster PLUS AL crane systems for weights of up to 2,000 kg The low dead weight of the aluminium sections makes applications possible, in which the surroundings only permit smaller static loads. And ergonomics and time savings are, of course, also important plus-points. High quality is ensured by the non-corrosive material. Another advantage comes from lowering the noise level, which is made possible by high-quality nylon wheels. This also increases the operating life and limits maintenance costs. Precise load movements, with very low vibrations, ensure the precision of all movements and an ergonomic operation, even without a motorized drive.  

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