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modified transport vehicles

All over the world, major glass manufacturers use our modified transport vehicles, for an efficient handling of glass trolleys from and to the autoclave. The control of these transport vehicles is carried out at calculated safety levels, so that the fragile material and the users of the equipment are protected.

Our years of experience make DEMAN the leading manufacturer, of these very specific transport systems.

Our overhead cranes are highly suitable, with regard to the specific requirements for  handling glass. Large span widths are here combined with a highly stable handling. 

In the glass industry, our "extended speed range" (ESR) smart feature has already been applied many times. 

This option is especially suitable for customers, where the nominal lifting capacity of the overhead crane is only required a few times each week, for loading or unloading freight lorries. For the remainder of the time, the load is limited to handling individual glass plates. By making use of ESR, the cycle times for this type of handling are substantially reduced!

overhead cranes

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