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1000 KG

Compact, light chain hoists are very easy to install and, under normal circumstances, they offer a reliable way of lifting all kinds of loads. Lifting capacities of up to 6,300 kg are possible, but for everyday use such chain hoists are primarily made for smaller loads.
Highly efficient lifting operations are possible with the CHAINster GT, fitted as standard with a frequency control and load-dependent lifting facilities. Due to this, it is possible to lift smaller loads, completely without any shocks and at speeds of up to 32 m/min, which of course leads to substantial time savings.
We always keep a range of chain hoists in stock, so that you can start working comfortably and safely only a few days after you order.

GIS GPM/GP chain hoists of up to 6.300 kg lifting capacity

GIS GPM/GP chain hoists, with up to 6,300 kg lifting capacity


SWF Krantechnik ATHLO chain hoists offer up to 5,000 kg of lifting capacity


SWF Krantechnik CHAINster GT chain hoists offer up to 2,500 kg of lifting capacity


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