Why opt for DEMAN?

  • A complete range of hoists
  • Quality, produced with efficient manufacturing methods
  • New technologies, which provide important savings
  • An experienced designer team and motivated technicians
  • Work on standard and complex projects, including individual requirements
  • A highly competent customer service team


Waarom kiezen voor Constructiewerkhuizen Deman?



Curatief onderhoud door Deman van uw rolbrug, kettingtakel, kraan.


In consultation with the customer and the team manager, our trained experts will always attempt to carry out a quick and correct intervention. 
Because service is a top priority for us, we continuously invest in the operations and resources of our Customer Service Department.
This includes completely furnished service vehicles, our own lifting platforms, professional training sessions and an extensive range of accessories. The objective of all this is to keep our customers satisfied!


Preventive maintenance

DEMAN has installed literally thousands of hoists for a broad range of customers. This includes hoists with moving parts, which are therefore subject to wear-and-tear and possible defects.
That is why regular maintenance is a necessity. That has been proven in practice. But increasing obligations are also due to legislation. Not every customer disposes over the possibilities and the know-how, for carrying out the necessary tasks in an efficient manner.
We check the condition of your hoisting equipment, on the basis of checklists and more than 100 control points.
And we have set up our "REMAIN programme" that is responsible for preventive and by extension remedial maintenance, in close consultations with our customers. By registering for this programme, you can make use of our cheaper day-work rates, and you will have access to our 24/7 service. Here you can request more information.





Revision and revamp

A theoretical operating life is always determined, together with the original design. When this operating life is reached, it is assumed that critical parts of the hoist are replaced. This is a service that we gladly offer to our customers. 

And we have already been very successful, in giving numerous overhead cranes a second life. Such work can include the revision of the geared motor, a renewal of the electric cables, control system and even the replacement of the end carriages. 


Spare parts

Due to our long-term experience, we are capable of estimating perfectly the parts that we have to keep in stock. 

In the meantime, our stock has expanded to more than 7,000 OEM parts. These parts are stocked in an automated warehouse, which is why we are capable of solving your problems quickly and efficiently. 





Our creative team of experienced engineers and designers understands your specific needs.
This team, which stands in direct contact with you, will make a thorough analysis of your needs, which will be the basis for an optimally adapted solution.
We have built up an extensive know-how, in more than 60 years of building cranes, which ensures that you will dispose over a reliable, innovative and high-performance hoist.
Our in-house design office makes it possible for us, to fit all hoists perfectly into your infrastructure, even if the equipment should only be in the design phase. With the overall designs that are prepared in a 3-D format, we can exclude conflicts and evaluate safety risks. This manner of working together (possibly also with external consultants) is a guarantee for success from the very start!



There is a great need for training overhead crane operators. The operation of overhead cranes, which often move heavy loads, includes very specific risks. In this regard, the safety on the operator, bystanders and goods can be endangered. Luckily there are many organizations in our region, which regularly organize professional training. Our Triskel Competence Centre wants to provide the ideal infrastructure for training personnel, to become overhead crane operators.


Furthermore, Triskel also aims to create an ideal framework, in which technicians can be specialized in preventive and remedial maintenance of overhead cranes and hoists.