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This feature is only available in combination with S-type motors. 

During a loading cycle, it is not always possible to relocate the load in a single movement, from the starting to the final position. Sometimes small in-between steps are necessary.
During a previously set time period and without activating the drive brake, the load floating function keeps the load in a stop position. The drive keeps the necessary torque at standstill, so that the brake does not have to be engaged.
This function makes it possible to restart the movement more quickly and softly, since the brake does not have to be activated, giving the operator a better control over the load. It also decreases wear and tear on the mechanical brake, since it is used less frequently.

  • Sneller werken
  • Veiliger werken
  • Energie besparen
  • Flexibiliteit verhogen
  • Levensduur verhogen

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