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The vertical and the horizontal wheel load on a crane runway beam is calculated according to EC1-3. The crane runways themselves are calculated according to EC3-6 (on the basis of DIN 4132), and they are assembled according to ISO 12488-1.
Since 1 July 2014, all metal components with a bearing function, which are destined to be used for buildings or civil constructions, must be provided with a CE label according to the standard EN 1090.
To be allowed to attach a CE label and the accompanying DOP (Declaration of Performance), one has to be in possession of an FPC (Factory Production Control) certificate. Within the framework of steel constructions, the FPC consists of a handbook that describes a system for applying continuous internal production process controls, in conformity with the requirements of the standard. A certification of the FPC system may only be carried out by a certified inspection institution. After a successful audit by the inspection institution TÜV Rheinland, DEMAN was awarded a welding and FPC certificate for the execution class 4 (EXC4), which conforms to the standard EN 1090-2. Since crane runway beams must fulfil the requirements of execution class 3 (EXC3), DEMAN disposes over the required certificates that allow it to produce and assemble such products. Why did we then go a step further, by obtaining certification for execution class 4? That made it possible for us to offer products, which conform to the specific quality requirements of our customers, for instance in the petrochemical and the nuclear sectors.

If you require more information on this, please take up contact with Matthieu Elebaut.

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