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corrosion-resistant GPR and GCHR chain hoist

The food sector presents very specific challenges, especially in the area of hygiene.
This, among others, results in the necessity of ensuring that hoists are corrosion free. The GIS corrosion-resistant GPR and GCHR chain hoist is a top-quality hoist produced in Switzerland, which was especially developed for the foodstuff sector. This hoist has no cooling openings and conforms to protection class IP65. The machine can also be cleaned easily and safely. With a lifting capacity of up to 1250 kg, this hoist is surely the best partner for ergonomic manipulations in the foodstuff industry.

DEMAN disposes over a specialized team of designers, who have an excellent understanding of the needs of the food industry. The basis of our corrosion-resistant lifting equipment is stainless steel or galvanized iron, and the equipment is not painted.

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