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1000 KG

Despite a very broad range of possible options, standard cable hoists will not always fulfil all requirements. In such a case, a winch unit can be of help.
SWF Krantechnik is the manufacturer of the CRABster winch, which has a lifting capacity of up to 250 tonnes in the FEM classifications 1Bm to 3m and, which provides lifting speeds of up to 25 m/min and lifting heights to more than 80 metres.
If the CRABster does not completely conform to your needs, then DEMAN will build a “custom winch” for you. You can select from among top-quality components, which are professionally dimensioned for you, with the objective of creating an ideal, customized version for you.

All parts on your winch unit are selected by our engineering department, on the basis of a predefined FEM classification. All of the components, starting with the hook and all the way to the lifting motor, are selected from top-quality brands of West European origin. If need be, this makes it possible for us to use the brands that conform to your specifications. The frame, on which these parts are mounted, is machine-processed after welding. A geometric control is foreseen during the final assembly works, which guarantees a perfect alignment.

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